Tension Release

Just Minutes a Day to Tension Release

Don’t have time for a full hour-long yoga practice?

Good news...you don’t need a full hour!

You can release tension throughout your body in minutes!

I've distilled some of my student’s favorite gentle movements that have helped them find more space (and less tension) throughout their body into some short + sweet practices.

Your free tension release includes:

  • Gentle, therapeutic, 22-minute full-body yoga session 
  • Short + sweet breakdowns of the full session so you can work on just one pose a day (release tension in your face, neck, upper thoracic spine, core/diaphragm/rib cage, pelvis/hips, and legs in just minutes)
  • Bonus downloadable Fill Your Cup worksheet to help you map out other ways to release stress and tension in your daily life
  • Weekly Movement + Musings delivered straight to your inbox with further short + sweet practices, inspiration, and other ways to work with me (which you can unsubscribe from at any time).

Included Content

Thoracic Spine Movement (4mins)
Neck Stretch (2mins)
Hip Rotations (1min)
Leg Stretch (7mins)
Facial Expressions (1min)
Just Breathe (3mins)
Savasana a day, keeps the doctor away! (1min)
Put it all Together! Full Tension Release Sesh! (22mins)
BONUS: Fill Your Cup PDF