Hey there! I’m Felicia Hilscher.

You already know I’m a yoga teacher (since yogini is in my business name), but let me tell you a little more. Here are some fun facts about me: 

  • I created a “coffee meditation” where I meditate while my coffee brews because it’s the only way I could fit it into my day.

  • My pitbull fur-baby makes sure I move (and by move I mean walk her) every 2-3 hours...there are no negotiations! She’s also the star of my Instagram account!

  • I spent half of the very first yoga class I ever took at a yoga studio in child’s pose and swore I’d never go back (spoiler alert...I did go back)!

For most people I connect with, the most surprising one of those facts is I didn’t connect with yoga during my first class! 

But that’s what eventually led to my passion for yoga and the way I teach! 

Truth is, if it weren’t for my Endometriosis, I don’t think I would have ever found yoga.

Yoga became my gateway to a healthier journey with Endo. But, I didn’t feel amazing after every class. Some days I could flow through a heated 6am power flow with ease, and some days I’d leave with so much bloat, pelvic pain, and feel like a complete failure. 

Then I walked into a Sunday morning Yin Yoga class and fell in love. I could practice on pain days and on strength days. It allowed me to slow down and connect with my body and breath with some forgiveness and love. From there I dove into other yoga (and non-yoga) modalities and discovered the “hour of power” isn’t the ONLY kind of yoga!

And I truly believe this: 

I truly believe that your yoga practice can fit your journey.

What about you? Do you believe this too? Or maybe you want to believe it. 

Regardless I’m glad you’re here with me today and to say thank you I want you to have this Piriformis Rock technique to get you started on your pelvic pain release. Don't forget to subscribe for more poses PLUS weekly movement + musings sent straight to your inbox!