Explore your mind, body, and breath in 7 days.

A week of exploring your mind, body, and breath with short + simple daily practices.

What you'll explore over the week:

  • Day 1: Welcome + Journaling to Fill Your Cup

  • Day 2: Meditation for Creativity (8mins)

  • Day 3: Deep Stretch for Insomnia (15mins)

  • Day 4: Breath Work for Balance (4mins)

  • Day 5: Gentle Movement for Thoracic Spine (18mins)

  • Day 6: Gentle Movement for Hip Release (14mins)

  • Day 7: Meditation for Manifesting (5mins)

You'll receive an email each day as a reminder that your daily content is available to explore. After Day 7 you'll have access to all the content to explore whenever you need!