May your coffee, pelvic floor, intuition, and self-appreciation be strong!


Are you struggling with stress, fatigue, and pelvic pain?

I know, you’ve tried everything to break through the fatigue (yep...I see you coffee addicts), reduce stress (hello selfcare Sundays), and exercise the pelvic pain away (do all the yoga, right?!) and nothing has helped...but stay with me here.

I don’t have the time (or the energy) to fit one more thing into your day, even if it will help you overall. I get it, I was there too...but hear me out on this because I found a way to make it work! 

Truth many times have you thought about signing up for a yoga class but then the pain kicks in...or you’re so fatigued you cannot get off the couch? Yep, that’d be me (raising my coffee mug snuggled under my blanket on the couch)...but...after lots of trial and error with classes at the studio, I finally stepped into a Yin Yoga class that taught me how to listen to my body rather than fight!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could cook dinner after work instead of sitting on the couch with a heating pad on your abdomen? 

Because wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t feel like you had been running a friggin’ marathon all day when you finally lay down to go to bed? 

Because...well, I’m just going to say it...the stories my mind told me were doing me no good! Once I called my mind out on it’s bullshit and dropped into my body with some therapeutic made a world of difference. And that’s because I knew (even though the excuses would always surface) it would be a good thing to move my body. And you know this too! That’s why you’re here. 

If you just said “yes” in your head, then you and I are two coffee beans in a grinder (my peas in a pod!) and I want to help you. I used to have pelvic pain everyday (accompanied with loads of stress and fatigue) and once my OBGYN told me my upcoming laparoscopic procedure would help my Endometriosis symptoms (for maybe 6 months) but not cure it...I knew my lifestyle had to change. I had to make changes and I had no clue where to start. A local studio posted a 30-day yoga + raw cleanse challenge, so I decided to give it a shot. My love of yoga didn’t happen overnight (I know, shocking coming from a yoga instructor)...but...I did see change in my life, and it opened me up to so many other holistic healing paths (reiki, meditation, sustainable movement, breathing techniques, nutrition, coaching) and I want that healing journey for you too!

Now it’s my passion to work with people who struggle with stress, fatigue, and pelvic pain because I want to share the goodness of yoga + reiki + mentoring (in ways that fit your lifestyle, not always the popular norm) with you. Check out my Movement + Musings section for lots of free resources AND make sure to subscribe so you can get weekly movements + musings (plus upcoming events + specials) sent straight to your inbox!